Häcker corporate policy

Values as guiding principles for corporate policy

Quality, sustainability, service, reliability and honesty — these are the values that Häcker stands for as a kitchen manufacturer. Our corporate policy reflects these values and defines the framework that guides our work. Häcker is committed to excellence, sustainability, customer satisfaction and a safe and healthy working environment. The ongoing pursuit of these goals is central to our corporate policy, which has specific targets and principles regarding quality, the environment, energy, occupational health and safety.

Quality policy

The highest standards of quality, functionality, durability and design: these are the distinguishing characteristics of Häcker’s modern fitted kitchens. We inspire our customers with innovative products, outstanding quality and reliable service.

Our Häcker quality policy is characterised by the following:

  • Unwavering customer focus
    The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Increasing customer satisfaction and inspiring customers about the products and company is a top priority at Häcker. This is essential to developing and maintaining long-term customer relationships.
  • Highest quality
    We aim to fulfil customer expectations by meeting the highest quality standards and avoiding defects. This applies both to the products we supply and our services. Perfect products and perfect services are our stated goals.
  • Constant improvement
    Ongoing product development and improvement requires a constant focus on optimising our processes. This is achieved through training and qualifications for our employees and through the implementation of improvement systems.
  • Taking responsibility
    Our executive board is committed to ensuring its activities comply with this quality policy, and the same is expected of all employees — in every role and in all areas. Managers are able to act as role models thanks to a positive management culture based on partnership and a solution-oriented approach. They encourage employees to be creative and take responsibility, with an emphasis on promoting corporate identity.
  • Quality management
    Häcker has a certified quality management system that initiates ongoing measures for targeted quality improvements. Independent testing organisations are regularly commissioned to certify the very high quality of all Häcker’s products and services. 
  • Information management
    Häcker maintains open communication with public authorities, neighbours, employees and other interested parties. Honesty, transparency and reliability are defining values for our information management, both internally and externally.

Energy and environmental policy

Häcker has always been committed to environmental responsibility and playing its part to protect our natural resources. Accordingly, our energy and environmental policy is designed to help us achieve our goal of ensuring our commercial activities are as sustainable as possible. Häcker regards legal obligations as minimum requirements that should ideally be exceeded. We are constantly working to improve our energy and climate footprint, and we involve service providers, business partners, suppliers and employees in this improvement process. Häcker is committed to ensuring that information is available and that sufficient resources are provided to achieve our environmental and energy targets.

  • Environmental impact and conservation of resources
    Häcker makes an active contribution to the conservation and renewal of resources. In all areas, we strive to avoid or minimise harmful effects on the environment, for example by continuously reducing emissions or through digitalisation.
  • Energy efficiency
    Häcker is reducing its energy consumption and increasing its energy efficiency through an ongoing improvement process. Energy-efficient products and services are favoured for new procurements wherever this makes economic sense. Häcker has appropriate resources to achieve its strategic and operational energy targets — this is monitored, evaluated and constantly improved.
  • Environmental and energy management
    Häcker has a certified environmental and energy management system that continuously develops measures to monitor and make targeted improvements to our environmental performance and energy efficiency.

Occupational health and safety

Our employees are critical for the success of our company. Employee safety, health and motivation are our top priority. Our aim is to integrate health and safety throughout our operational organisation, to maintain the highest standards and facilitate continuous improvements. Occupational health and safety thus plays a central role in our HR and sustainability strategy. Company executives, managers and employees are all committed to this health and safety policy.

  • Prevention
    We develop preventive concepts and take measures to maintain and improve our employees’ long-term health and performance. Psychological and ergonomic considerations represent a key component for us in this regard.
  • Compliance with legal requirements
    We are committed to complying with all occupational health and safety legal requirements and guidelines. We regularly review the implementation of these requirements and evaluate the efficacy of our occupational health and safety management system. Occupational health and safety targets are set and tracked on an annual basis. The necessary funds and resources are planned and made available.
  • Design of the working environment
    A key aspect of our occupational health and safety policy is creating and maintaining a safe working environment that promotes health and performance. We take the latest findings into account when designing workplaces and processes. We place a great emphasis on ergonomic workplace design. Our machine and system operation is designed to minimise risk and exclude potential hazards.
  • Employee engagement
    Many accidents at work are caused by inappropriate individual conduct. Through regular information, training and professional development, we promote occupational safety skills and awareness and encourage staff to take responsibility for their own actions. All employees are required to participate in occupational health and safety management. We make sure our employees understand and implement our health and safety policy.
  • Review of measures taken
    We undertake regular reviews to evaluate the adequacy of the principles underpinning our occupational health and safety policy as well as the resources deployed to ensure a safe working environment. The consistent implementation of our occupational health and safety policy forms the foundation of our successful work together.

Human rights and environmental standards: our supply chains

As a company with international connections, Häcker believes it has a particular responsibility to contribute to improving the global human rights situation along its supply chains and to ensure its business relationships are underpinned by social and environmental awareness. In order to fulfil this responsibility, Häcker follows a comprehensive risk management system and is explicitly committed to fundamental ethical values and standards in terms of its social, environmental and business conduct. In our mission statement, which complies with the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), we provide more detailed information about these standards and about the steps we have taken to fulfil our due diligence obligations along our supply chains.

Awards and certificates

Häcker is proud of its certificates and awards: These include the GS mark for tested safety (TÜV Rheinland), the Golden M of the Deutsche Gütergemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM) for high quality, environmental and emission standards, as well as the official award as a climate-neutral company. In addition, we have the PEFC seal of approval, which confirms the origin of our wood products from sustainably managed forests, the RAL label “Made in Germany”, which not only certifies the origin of our products, but also the fulfilment of quality criteria such as innovation, durability and healthy living. We also meet not only the new E05 emissions standard, but also the demanding U.S. Standards TSCA Title VI. These certificates confirm the commitment to quality, sustainability and safety that we have dedicated ourselves to as a kitchen manufacturer.